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When lead is not allowed: In general, we recommend the use of steel shot cartridges with respect to the older English and continental guns. The problem with steel shot cartridges is that there is a (too) high pressure peak may occur in these patterns, so that the barrels of such guns can sometimes come right up to the limit of their load-bearing capacity. The operating pressure of steel shot cartridges is sometimes hardly proof of the older guns at the time of their manufacture. Modern gun barrels are tested at a higher pressure and are generally well suited for steel shot cartridges.

In addition, the steel in these cartridges is harder than lead or bismuth. This may eventually cause irreversible mechanical damage to the barrels.

We recommend that you use only bismuth cartridges. Considering the additional cost for these cartridges - especially in the quantities that are still faded in our country - far outweigh the risk of your precious gun is damaged.