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Caring for your precious English gun is of great importance and especially the barrels. The thickness of the barrel decreases by;

Before the blueing takes place, barrels will be polished. This means a very                     small decrease in the thickness of the barrel wall. Because in older guns this     

process has often been made several times, a substantial portion of material                  removed in his manner.

Once the barrels are affected it creates an uneven surface causing cleaning has less       effect because the brush does’t reach the material in the "valleys" and process of           effecting continues. If the barrel is damaged it must be examined whether the                   barrel can be lapped. A small layer from the barrel is milled and then comes over to         reappear slippery. This can, of course, only if the thickness of the barrel is sufficient         for this operation

It is therefore of utmost importance that you carefully handle the barrels of your gun. After using your gun so immediately clean the barrels and not days latter or worse leave the gun in the guncase.

When is a barrel clean and how do I do it?

  1. Bevestig een borstel van koper op de poetsstok(koper en beslist geen ijzer).
  2. Haal de loop daar verschillende keren goed mee door.
  3. Spuit olie in de loop.
  1. Bevestig lapjes stof(in Engeland te koop) aan de poetsstok en haal daar de loop net zo lang mee door tot de lapjes redelijk schoon blijven. U kunt dit ook met huishoudpapier doen. U zult verbaast zijn hoe lang u moet doorhalen voor dat de lopen echt schoon zijn.
  2. Daarna licht olie aanbrengen met een schone wisser en het geweer wegzetten. Niet in de koffer laten zitten.

Think carefully to the maintenance because new barrels are expensive!
Purdey charges at this time GBP 10,000, == for the replacement of a barel.