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William Ford, Bore 12

Beautiful gun in bore 12 from William Ford. Made in 1921 with 28 Inch barrels with internal barrels (barrel lining) by Nigel Teaque.

A nice shotgun made by the well known gunsmith from Birmingham.

William Ford was based in Birmingham and died in 1909 after which his son A.F. Ford continued the company. In 1953 the company merged with James Carr & Sons. William Ford was originally a maker of barrels. He made the barrels for the five winning William Greener guns of the life pigeon trials in 1875. After the invention of the choke by W.R. Pape in 1866 Ford experimented with the different uses of the chokes. The company had shooting ranges in Birmingham and Manchester. In 1991 the name was sold to William Ford Bailons.

Sold by; Geweermakerij Elspeet. Phone: +31 577-491546 (